Step by step, hand in hand (english)






After a seven months long crisis and no way out there is a failure in the constitution and a drastical loss of the institutions. No government at all and seven months with a handful of soldiers in collusion with TGV rising terror.


A self-proclaimed President and along with him the political parties are muzzled and in some places in the country the former President followers are persecuted and even slaughtered. The Capital town is torn open between the “legalists” (claiming the coming back of the former President) and the “pushists” (outlaw) handling the power.


The country is on the verge of a Civil war ; France is merely a diplomatic “bogey” trying to protect its citizens (the major part of the foreigners in Madagascar) until the moment when another power (may be China or Saudi Arabia) considers Madagascar a “good deal” (with its mining resources) and a gigantic aircraft carrier strategically checking the Indian Ocean. Obviously France is no longer powerful there, lacking financial means.


The International Authorities are not efficient : the African Union is powerless (Dakar, Brussels , Addis-Abéba and soon Maputo : all propositions are rejected), the U.N. do not give importance to the situation and let the Malagasy find a solution without including any debate or discussion about a hand in democracy (fearing a plea in bar of a claim). Such a Compromise may lead either to the coming back of the dictator supplanted in 2002 or of the resigning President in 2009 taking into account the “so-called” self-proclaimed President. Is a succession possible ? Is there a way out ? Are the same people to handle the power and start all over again and even worse than ever ?


Pretending non-interference the Malagasy have to find “an impossible solution” ; the country is left with no credible government, despite its wish to move, with no reliable project and a diplomatic and political death ahead.





A strong man is missing- A clever man interested in the national unity- A winner, someone new with a clear and immediate project. A reliable man able to give the country a new start.





-         To give the Malagasy a bit of interest in his country policy to revive the sleeping patriot.




-         To tell him something new is still possible and that rivalries are sterile and that there is no room for personal ambition where a national effort is needed to revive the economy and raise hopes.

-         To set up a real democracy on the basis of a political and economical stability and show a real ability to the whole world.

-         To win recognition from partners abroad : international associations and organizations, financial backers...

-         To gain the Malagasy’s confidence and invite the population in rebuilding the country (tantano halaky mandeha) as soon as possible : agriculture, fishing, subsoil resources, crude oil, craft, middle and small industries…

-         To set up a credible program in education reliable for the future and the development of the country inside and outside the borders : promotion of university-education, school-education and skills of all sorts (scholarships).





Fifty years of unendind speeches and the Malagasy is still starving : “Acta non verba”.

Hurricanes and floods and not enough cultivated lands for a growing population are the main reasons to starvation. The exportation of “luxury rice” used to be criticized (while Madagascar was one of the main rice producers) but it gave money to buy useful tools for the country. As a rice producer the Malagasy has always lived with rationing, queuing for his daily rice consumption. The rice growing areas (Alaotra Lake and Marovoay…) are not protected against a sand bank (lack of dams, no dredging of the rivers…) fertile lands are regularly flooded.





There is no answer to natural disorders. But an increase in cultivated lands is possible with the use of more performing tools (rehabilitation of the plough, “instead of the angady”, the tractor and bigger tools : caterpillars, bulldozers…). There is a need to clear the land for cultivation, to get enough seed (creation of seed banks) to plant out the seedlings before transplanting ; necessity to teach the people how to farm the land properly (equipment and maintenance of the rice growing areas; water regulation).





No visible change since 1975. The personal ambitions and interests of the political leaders have ruined the country while the people are starving and left to minial work and odd jobs. The revolution is succesful to the leaders only. The people should play a part in progress, development, durable work and get their share of opportunities and follow honest leaders.





TIM is the slogan of the leading party holding the power (used to be to only credible political force in the whole country).

TIM also means “I love Madagascar” as the delicious “Tiko yogurt” ; the former President finally got mistaken and did not know exactly wheter he was a head of State or a businessman. His Tiko business made him extremely wealthy (He got his private plane “Air Force One II”, named after the U.S. President’s plane), 60 millions €.

The remainders were left to the people, cheated by TGV once more (himself powerless and without any financial means).

Seven years later, the so-called development of the country is a trick (tetika).





-         To develop business and promote the access to business. It is risky and money is needed (loans must be paid back).

-         To find a way to success without personal interest or competition. Even if competition leads to progress it may also lead to a monopoly in the long run killing inventiveness and innovation.





Lack of tools and equipment. Lack of education and incapacity to draw up an estimation of the needs. Non-cultivated lands are many : they belong to the State or to a few landowners who do not see any point at farming them either for themeselves or for the national welfare (Horirika d’Ambohimanambola) in the name ancestral traditions. Ditto for cattle-breeding.





To restore mutual aid and thus build a collective project : collective work, collective discipline and collective responsibility (maintenance, survey…). No more individualism.





Foreign backers and investors have fled. The political debates remain sterile…Civil war.

The political leaders are unable to draw up a real project for the country and its people. They just feed their personal ambitions to get wealth and success.

Unsecurity leads to unemployment and misery. The country is unsafe (violence- persecution- stealing). The people do not mind working any longer : “the stronger the better” is at stake.


The four pilars of the Malagasy philosophy : mutual aid, mutual respect, generosity, friendship are collapsing. The country has no future (no money, no private property, no human dignity any longer…).

Madagascar can’t have a share in the globalization despite its advantages (environment, human habilities…). The whole country is subdued to a single man whose only dream is to get the power.





What can be done inside the country ?

What can international authorities do ?

What can France do ? What can the U.S do ?

Is the solution abroad or is it in the hands of the people of Madagascar ?

What can I do ?


Neither France nor the U.S, not even the African Union or the United Nations can give a durable and credible solution unless the Malagasy realises he needs stability. Mentalities must change.

A political education is necessary. The Malagasy must stand up and start working for his future and for the future of his country, understanding the need for a true democracy.

The political leaders must assert their leadership showing the people the way to progress and economical development along with human fulfillment.

A canning industry should be developped. Canneries (zebu meat, fruits…) have to play a part in the economical future of the island.

Besides, the riches of Madagascar are many : coffee, vanilla, clove trees… subsoil resources, precious stones, ores.

The seacoast is wide and may be exploited (as foreign countries apparently already do) with appropriate equipment : fishing boats, trawlers…

Where are the profits going ?

A clean sweep in the control of the State is most necessary.





The people must have the right to express themselves : the freedom of EXPRESSION along with the freedom of the Press are the basis to education, access to culture, transparency and to a true democracy.





Something has to happen sooner or later ; I want to lead that happening and thus be the leader of a new party conveying new ideas : “To go step by step and hand in hand with the people of Madagascar” (TANTANO HALAKY MANDEHA I MADAGASIKARA = THMM).It also means to start working hard and at once to revive the country (economy, political status) :


-         To put an end to individualism and stop toying with any idea of federalism.

-         To struggle for the people and their autonomy, teaching them how to think about their own future and enable them to feed themselves and their children and to be responsible for their country as a whole.

-         To give the country a new start with competent men and women, true patriots interested in a collective challenge.

-         To think in terms of a “new era”.





I am one of the expatriate elites.

I want to set an example to the younger generation (“Ny soa fianatsa”).

I am a winner, I know what competition means : I got a Ph.D in Law in 1984 (University of Toulouse, France) ; the year after (1985), I went to Madagascar to open with a few colleagues the LAW UNIVERSITY OF FIANARANTSOA (MADAGASCAR). Political reasons along with family bonds drove me back to France in 1987.

Today I am 58, I teach ECONOMY and MANAGEMENT in a High School in Toulouse ; I have qualified for the agregation examination three times and I wish I could do something for my country and my people. The Malagasy must refuse to obey any kind of dictature and show maturity and responsibility turning down profiteers and “crooks”.


Madagascar and its people can hope what they deserve : a true democracy “step by step, hand in hand”. From now on they can start going with confidence.





M. Jacques Denis RABEMAHARO


Professeur d’Economie et Gestion

Docteur en Droit (Spécialité Etudes Internationales et Européennes)

DESS-Administration des Entreprises

Tri-admissible à l’Agrégation d’Economie et de Gestion

Diplômé de Commerce International




Appt 4 Résidence MICHEL ANGE


32600 MONBRUN.


Portable :              06 72 27 65 68

Fax :                       05 62 66 72 83

Mail :    

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